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Power (Single)

by Osprey Flies The Nest

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Verse 1
Don’t ever give your power away
You gotta keep it, keep it safe
In your heart where the love goes on and on forever
Nobody told you how to get it right
You had to make do with your inner sight
You got a love that goes on and on forever

No we can’t pretend to be powerless anymore
Gotta check that fear, that shame, that guilt
At the door
I got a heavy dose of courage inside
Make me feel ready to fight
Can you feel it? Then let me hear you roar!
Power to the people
Power to the land
Power to the revolution
The power is in our hands

Verse 2
When you witness something wrong
You could sing a funky, groovy song
In your heart where the love goes on and on forever
When you’re singin’ all day long
No one can hurt you, ‘cause you’re too strong
You got a love that goes on and on forever


Verse 3
Now that you got your power back
I ask you where you wanna put it at
Smack dab in your heart
Where the love goes on and on forever
Don’t pay no attention to the power plays
Do whatever sets your spirit ablaze
You got a love that goes on and on forever


Spoken Word:

Break open the box
Pick all the locks
To the cages we rage in
We can talk to the blocks that we got
It’s only a knot of thoughts inside which we are caught
Only a knot of thoughts inside which we are caught

So put your feet in the earth
You’re made of this dirt
You help Her give birth
Do you know what you’re worth?

Hands in the sky
It’s OK to cry
You belong here
Give me one deep sigh
Fly with me, just try with me
If you wanna be my friend
Live and die with me!

You see we all rely on community
As allies in this common-unity
So let's not take this casually
You people are my roots, my family

I think I, I need to breathe
Will you breathe with me?
I’m askin’ that we take passionate responsibility
It’s time to reclaim our minds
And trust how we feel inside

Time to act on behalf of those who’ve been denied
Of basic Human Rights
Ignite the light
We’d better work together
If we wanna win this fight
So hold on tight

A true friend won't judge who you are based on black and white
So fly a kite, write poetry by candlelight
Take back the night, I see the end in sight
We got a life to live, we have a gift to give
We’re sensitive, that’s how we get get creative

'Cause the world shakes
Like a spiralling snake
And the boundaries break
From all the love that we make...

No we can't pretend to be powerless anymore


released March 19, 2018
Vocals: Osprey Huffsmith
Keyboards: Azalea Bradley
Guitar: Brianna Martinelli
Drums: Matt Kaplowitz
Bass: Garrett Davis

Recorded and produced at GART Studios in Eugene OR
© All rights reserved


all rights reserved



Osprey Flies The Nest Eugene, Oregon

Osprey Flies The Nest plays Visionary Queer Pop with conscious lyrics + funky beats for dancing feet. Sultry and contagious, they serve up originals by genderqueer singer Osprey.

Timeless, relevant lyrics make this magnetic Active-ism for Dancers. Based in Eugene, Oregon, this group soars with an instantly likeable sound, contemporary vibes, and a song circle spirit.
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